My Passion

Food encompasses lives of all individuals.Though stated as one of the primary needs , yet it manages to define different places,cultures,religions and traditions giving birth to different cuisines each being unique in its own ways,giving rise to numerous delectable dishes.

Since I have been a full time homemaker for more than twenty one years now , with two small stints of jobs in between,sooner I realized that I am not made for routine 9 to 5 jobs.Moreover taking up a full time job was also not conducive to my routine my husband being an airline pilot and his job profilepexels-photo-678414.jpeg did not allow my conscience  to leave my two little girls at the hands of somebody else.Hence I finally decided to stay at home,thus becoming a full time homemaker.Now when my older one has already gone for her professional studies and the younger one is on the way,I thought of doing something for myself.

Cooking being my childhood hobby, turned into passion over these years while trying my hand at different recipes,modifying to suit my family palate.This made me realize how a basic recipe can be altered to achieve different recipes.Being a post graduate with major in Foods and Nutrition and minor in Food Technology,my quest for different cuisines,the ingredients used in them,the science and the techniques involved,never stopped and led me to explore more and more about food.I flipped through the pages of cookbooks,visited cooking sites on the internet and watched lot of cooking videos.

My cooking over these years has been mostly confined to family and friends.Though there has been constant pestering from their side that I should come up with something of my own  like starting cooking classes or catering business.Its now that I feel like taking my passion to a different level from where I can reach out to more people,sharing my knowledge and experiences acquired over these years of every day cooking and encouraging them to the idea of home cooking which seems to be fading nowadays for several reasons.

Being a proud Indian,I would not be exaggerating ,if I say India is the only country I am aware of which has great diversity in food across the length and breath of the country.The rich treasure of Indian cuisines have enough to boast of their mouthwatering vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes equally.It has an array of dishes to suit every ones palate.Thus the title’Indian Flavours’

In my subsequent blogs I intend to take my readers on a to a journey of colorful and vibrant India through food discussing about assortments of dishes along with the recipes from different parts of the country.

Till then happy reading.

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  1. Megala says:

    Great post, enjoyed reading !


    1. Thank you for stopping by and especially reading and appreciating

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