Almond Tea Cake


Hi!!! to all my fellow bloggers.Its been a long time ,approximately a year now being away from this platform.No excuses and reasons behind that long hiatus.But of course now I am back again and now with the videos of my recipes which I churn out in my kitchen on daily basis.I will be sharing my recipe videos of all my previously posted recipes as well as new ones.So please stay tuned.

Since as a custom all new beginnings and happy endings begin with “Kuch Meetha Ho Jai” So following the norm I am uploading the video of Almond Tea Cake.As lot of people are opting for gluten free diet these days,so this cake is primarily made from almond meal.Almond meal is nothing but whole almonds which are ground to a coarse powder.The process of baking cake is just like regular cakes with eggs but the taste turns out an unforgettable one and believe me if you have it once,it will leave you craving for more.

Please check out the following video for the same.Enjoy and Happy Cooking !!!

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